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Stock Audit

Pro-Team is one of the leading service providers for Inventory Audit at PAN India level and we offer specific customized services for various industries vertical which include showroom Inventory audit, Compliance audits, Warehouse audit, Return / damaged stock audit, SOP audit, Dispatch audit, GRN audit, etc. Our team is equipped with the cutting edge technology and infrastructure needed for scanning the inventory and has bandwidth and experience for catering stores locations across India. Our team is based locally in all regions which give the client the benefit of getting multiple audits across all region delivered simultaneously.

ProTeam Solution Private Limited excels through its nationwide reach, innovative technology, and expert analysis. Our pan-India service reduces costs, our in-house software ensures accuracy, and our detailed post-audit reports provide valuable insights. Partner with ProTeam for unmatched stock audit services across India.

Pan India Service Provider

ProTeam Solution Private Limited offers unparalleled stock audit services across India, ensuring accessibility and cost savings. Our nationwide presence allows us to deliver consistent, high-quality service with reduced logistical costs, providing reliable support wherever your business operates.

In-House Software

ProTeam’s proprietary in-house software streamlines the stock audit process, offering real-time, accurate data with minimal disruption. This customizable software automates data collection and reporting, reducing errors and saving time, ensuring you receive the most relevant insights for optimal inventory management.

Post-Audit Observations and Trend Analysis

Beyond standard audits, ProTeam provides detailed post-audit observations and trend analysis. Our expert team delivers comprehensive insights into inventory performance, helping you forecast future needs and optimize stock levels with actionable recommendations that enhance overall efficiency.



Elevate your stock audit processes with Pro Team Solutions, your trusted partner across diverse industries. From apparel and electronics to pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, our experienced team specializes in delivering tailored stock audit services that ensure accuracy, compliance, and efficiency. With our meticulous approach and industry expertise, you can streamline your inventory management processes, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of the competition. Trust Pro Team Solutions to optimize your stock audits and drive success for your business.


The Pro-Audit software tool reinforces our store audit process.


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Types of Audit

A 100% independent stock verification service where our audit experts perform stock reconciliation with book stock and inventory sign-off using the latest Barcode HHT scanners and automation technology and software, serving our clients on a Pan India level.

Showroom Audit

Covers mainly inventory - Book vs Physical Reconciliation

Fixed Asset

Barcode Tagging & Re-verification of assets & Reconciliation


Verification of return stock before dispatch to warehouse

Inward Verification

Check & Confirm the stock inward at stores level

Damaged/Expired Stock Audit

Verify and witness the destruction of Stock Audit

Compliance Audit

Focus on SOP, Cash and Statutory Compliance review

Warehouse Audit

Covers Inventory & Transaction at warehouse / CFA etc.

Dispatch Audit

Audit of dispatches at warehouse to ensure correct SKU/QTY


Reconciliation of inventory & transactions at C&F, Franchise etc. 

Manpower Support

Contract deployed of resource at outlets/distributor points, warehouse etc.