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Receivable Mangaement

Receivable Management is a Pro-active & Preventive solution to own the complete process of Receivables after Invoicing till collection of money by systematically tracking & following up at each and every milestone to ensure timely Collection of Debt & Reduced DSO.

Receivable management helps in maintaining outstanding payments from customers, warding off overdue or non-payment scenarios, strengthening the company’s financial position, and allowing the business to run smoothly.


Common Challenges Faced by Industries

• Inaccessible or insufficient contact information

Missed follow-ups on overdue invoices

Writing off outstanding receivables as bad debt

Increase in DSO

• Errors on bills and invoices

Having trouble reconciling

Documents lost or misplaced


We offer comprehensive end-to-end management solutions, including:

  • Correct or proper invoicing to customers
  • Prevention of issues with customers while processing bills
  • Ensures timely collection
  • Reduction in overall DSO
  • Increase in customer satisfaction



Our automated workflow process helps in

Tracking the follow-up history

Let the customer know the current status of each bill.

Reviews the overall data with different analysis