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Project Store Management

Managing inventory at remote project sites presents numerous challenges, including the lack of skilled manpower, the remoteness of store locations, limited access to company ERP systems, and inadequate documentation.

Our expertise lies in systematically and independently managing store operations according to the agreed process, utilizing skilled and trained resources.

We take ownership by continuously monitoring and providing accurate, timely reports through the implementation of PSIT software, specifically designed for project inventory management.

Our goal is to manage inventory and its accounting at sites, ensuring that the project team and other stakeholders have easy and accurate access to inventory information. This enables informed decisions regarding contractors, suppliers, and timely procurement of materials by the sourcing team.

Are you also facing these challenges?

Not able to reconcile with project BOQ versus material consumptions

Wrong receipts from suppliers recorded are properly claimed

Unaware of the availability of physical stock availability at the site

Unable to trace the supporting documents against each transaction

Not getting real-time confirmation of material received at the site

No link between the PO and the material received at the site.

Zero integration between head office ERP and site store system records


Pro-TEAM Services for Project Stores Inventory


Software Implementation

Site Stores Accounting

End to End Stores Management

Contractor Consumption and Reconciliation

Project Site Inventory Verification

Project Asset Verification

Getting the required materials from suppliers as per BOQ (Bill of


Engage contractors and issue them materials on time.

Track Consumption of materials against the BOQ of that area

Reconcile and settle the contractors.

Complete the progress of the Project.


This tool is customized to handle all standard store operations of any Project (Electrification, Power Generation & Distribution, Sub Stations, Renewable energy, AC Ducting & Plumbing, etc. ) and can take up additional client-specific customization as per requirement. This tool can be integrated with ERP (SAP, Oracle, etc.) for any data migration and synchronization.


This tool is designed especially for Turnkey projects, which tracks materials from the beginning of a project to handover (i.e. BOQ, Receipts, MRHOV, Billing Issues, Consumption, Return, and Reconciliation). It comes up with various analytical reports which help the Project team, SCM, Finance, and Management to take a timely decision and complete the project within a stipulated period.







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