Audits & Accounting Services
A thorough review of the company's financial records
by our accountants ensures compliance with laws and accounting regulations.

Internal Controls Implementation

  • Process based Checks & Controls Implementation
  • Controls at PO to Payment Cycle (P to P)
  • Controls at Order to Cash Cycle (O to C)
  • Material Movement check – MES & MDS
  • Pre-Payment audit of critical bills

System design & IS Audit

  • Design & review of SOP
  • SOP Compliance check
  • Information Systems (IS) Audit
  • Security Audit
  • Risk Control System Implementation

Internal & Process Audits

  • Internal Audits & Process Audits
  • Concurrent Transaction Audit
  • Branch & Factory Audits
  • SOX / IFC Design & Audit
  • Travel Claims audit

Accounting Outsource

  • Virtual accountant for SME (Online Remote Accounting)
  • Outsourced On-site Finance Department

Start-up Support Services

  • Complete statutory registrations support
  • Virtual office address lending and back office support
  • Business plan vetting & Funding support
  • Sourcing key resources
  • Drafting the SOP for operations functions

Showroom Inventory Audit

We are one of the leading service providers for retail industry at PAN India level and we offer specific customised services which include showroom audit, compliance audits, warehouse audit, return / damaged stock audit, SOP audit, hygiene audit, dispatch audit, GRN audit, reconciliation and asset confirmation.