Inventory & Fixed Assets Management
A precise audit of all inventories and fixed assets, as well as outsourcing services, is provided.

Showroom Audits ( Retail Industry specific)

  • Showroom inventory scan audits
  • SOP Compliance audits
  • Dealer / Depo audit
  • Stock returns / Damage stock audit

Factory Raw Material Stores Management

  • End-to-End RM Stores Process Management
  • Complete stores operation management (Receiving, BIN Storage, Picking, Indent Issuing, Posting)

Project Site Inventory Management

  • Site Stores Management
  • Project Bills Certification – Quantity Measurement
  • Contractor Reconciliation
  • Project Site SOP & Stock Audit
  • Site Stores Software implementation

Fixed Assets Management

  • Fixed Assets Barcode Numbering & Verification
  • Assets Capitalization support service
  • FA Reconciliation – Finance / Customs / Admin / GAAPs
  • FA Software implementation

Inventory Verification

  • Inventory Verification – Factory, Warehouse, Branches
  • Perpetual Inventory Verification
  • Stores Movement (Inward / Outward) Audit
  • Vendor / Contractor stock confirmation
  • CFA Audits

Warehouse support services

  • Sale order / Invoice Processing or Verification
  • Pre-Dispatch verification
  • E-way bill processing
  • Warehouse operations Management
  • Contract Manpower placement – (staff & blue collar)

Showroom Inventory Audit

We are one of the leading service providers for retail industry at PAN India level and we offer specific customised services which include showroom audit, compliance audits, warehouse audit, return / damaged stock audit, SOP audit, hygiene audit, dispatch audit, GRN audit, reconciliation and asset confirmation.